Here is an actual scene from the movie The Wonderful World of The Brothers Grimm in full 3-strip Cinerama. This comes from this page - on Marty Hart's wonderful web site.

Below is the same scene from the Turner Classic Movies broadcast

Below from the 1992 US release laser disc


The scenes from the Turner Classic Movie broadcast and laser disc were copied from VHS tape many years ago so, the picture quality is not that good. I then copied it to a DVD-R before uploading them to the web site.

Below are more examples of scenes with the TCM broadcast on top and the laser disc below it.

Here are a couple of scenes from the prologue on the TCM broadcast

The laser disc had the sound from the prologue but no picture. 

 The TCM broadcast also included the overture and intermission music which the 1992 US release laser disc did not have.

The 1996 Japan laser disc and TCM broadcast are from the same source - thanks from Mark Taylor for this info.

After the opening titles, the TCM broadcast is only a little but wider than the laser disc, see below.