Theatre Warner Hollywood AKA Warner Hollywood Cinerama AKA Hollywood Pacific
Cinerama film formats shown 3-strip and 70mm
3-strip dates From 04/29/53 to 10/09/61. 3-strip Cinerama removed and flat 70mm installed from 10/20/61. 3-strip Cinerama reinstalled 08/07/62 to 12/17/64.
70mm dates From 12/17/64. Flat screen later installed.
Screen curvature and size 146 degree louvered, 76ft by 28ft
Address 6433 Hollywood Blvd.
Comments Tripled 04/78. Closed 8/15/94
Current status Closed 

List of Cinerama films that played at theatre from

"This is Cinerama" opened April 29, 1953 and ran 133 weeks.
"Cinerama Holiday" opened November 14, 1955 and ran 81 weeks.
"Seven Wonders of the World" opened June 5, 1957 and ran 69 weeks.
"South Seas Adventure" opened October 1, 1958 and ran 71 weeks.
"Search For Paradise" opened February 11, 1960 and ran 38 weeks.
"This is Cinerama" return engagement opened November 2, 1960 and ran 22 weeks.
"Cinerama Holiday" return engagement opened April 4, 1961 and ran 7 weeks.
"Seven Wonders of the World" return engagement opened May 23, 1961 and ran through  October 9, 1961 -- 16 weeks.
"The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm" opened August 7, 1962 and ran 28 weeks. 
"How The West Was Won" (MGM, American premiere engagement) opened February 20, 1963 and ran 93 weeks.
"Circus World" -- opened December 17 or 18, 1964 and ran 16 weeks.
"Mediterranean Holiday" -- opened April 9, 1965 and ran for 11 weeks. 
"The Hallelujah Trail" (United Artists) opened June 23, 1965 (world premiere engagement) and ran for 26 weeks.
"Cinerama's Russian Adventure" opened May 3, 1966 and ran 13 weeks.
"2001: A Space Odyssey" (MGM) played the Warner for 80 weeks as a reserved seat engagement starting April 4, 1968. The upper balcony was concealed with drapes during the run of 2001 resulting in a capacity of 1256.

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The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm premiered at the Warner theatre on August 8, 1962

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Stephen Boyd and Barbara Parkins at the preview of Hallelujah Trail 



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