Cinerama film formats shown

3-strip and 70mm

3-strip dates

From 07/14/60 to 10/07/65 also
From 12/16/71 to 02/01/72 - This Is Cinerama
From 07/13/72 to 08/30/72 - Seven Wonders of The World
From 08/31/72 to 10/25/72 - How The West Was Won

70mm dates

From 12/17/64. Both systems retained 

Screen curvature and size

Louvered screen 75ft by 28ft


Westblaak 18


The last 3-strip public screenings until Bradford, England on 06/16/93

Current status

Converted to 7 (was a 5) screen multiplex in 2004

Post card


Below from bioscooprouterotterdam

Below from http://www.70mm

Not a Cinerama movie but promoted with the Cinerama logo

Showing of This Cinerama in the 1970's


Below pictures taken by Roloff de Jeu