Theatre Meadowlark Cinerama
Cinerama film formats shown 70mm 
3-strip dates  
70mm dates From 12/25/69
Screen curvature and size 120 degree louvered screen: 50ft by 25ft
Address 93 meadowlark Park at 87th and 156th
Comments 780 seats
Current status Closed June 1992 and demolished

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List of Cinerama films that played at the theatre from

12/25/69 to 01/21/70 Krakatoa East of Java

01/22/70 to 02/17/70 2001: A Space Odyssey

02/18/70 to 02/24/70 Grand Prix

10/12/73 to 10/18/73 This is Cinerama

11/29/74 to 12/25/74 2001: A Space Odyssey