Theatre Hoyts Regent
Cinerama film formats shown  
3-strip dates   
70mm dates From 1963 to 1986
Screen curvature and size 120 degree screen
Comments In 1963 the Regent stalls were gutted along with the proscenium arch, stage facilities and dressing rooms. The theatre was leveled off at the dress/circle/lounge to form a single auditorium with full 23 degree tiered seating for 980. At this time the 70 foot deep curve screen was installed with a 15 foot deep curve.
This was based on the Hoyts Design from the Melbourne and Sydney 3 lens Cinerama's that had by now been converted to single lens Cinerama. Never ran an official Cinerama release. Built in the balcony of original 2,240-seat 1928 theatre. In 1973 renamed Regent 1.
Current status Has been closed and sold

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