Theatre Uptown
Cinerama film formats shown 3-strip and 70mm
3-strip dates From 11/07/62 to 01/14/64
70mm dates From 01/19/64
Screen curvature and size 146 degree louvered 68ft by 25ft
Address 3426 Connecticut Avenue
Comments Converted to single sheet screen 1995. All booths exist but no 3-strip equipment. 
Current status Open

The following list of films playing at the Uptown from the fans_of_showmanship Yahoo group

11.07.1962 THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM  (RSE, 18 weeks, Cinerama)

03.14.1963 HOW THE WEST WAS WON  (RSE, 44 weeks, Cinerama)

02.19.1964 IT'S A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD  (RSE, 36 weeks, 70mm-Stereo)

10.28.1964 CIRCUS WORLD  (RSE, 3 weeks, 70mm-Stereo)

03.10.1965 THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD  (RSE, 19 weeks, 70mm-Stereo)

07.20.1965 THE HALLELUJAH TRAIL  (RSE, 9 weeks, 70mm-Stereo)

09.22.1965 MEDITERRANEAN HOLIDAY  (RPE, 6 weeks, 70mm-Stereo)

03.09.1966 BATTLE OF THE BULGE  (RSE, 15 weeks, 70mm-Stereo)

06.23.1966 KHARTOUM  (RSE, 13 weeks, 70mm-Stereo)

05.24.1967 GRAND PRIX  (RSE, 21 weeks, 70mm-Stereo)

04.02.1968 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY  (RSE, 52 weeks, 70mm-Stereo)

04.02.1969 ICE STATION ZEBRA  (RSE, 12 weeks, 70mm-Stereo)









Below scanned by Michael Coate




The three color pictures below were taken by Dick Dziadzio during April 1985

April 1989

June 1995

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Video of the theatre