The D-150 All-Purpose Installation

Technical Data

07/01/63 Boxoffice - Filming of 'The Bible' Set To Start July 15

07/22/63 Boxoffice - Dimension 150 to Be Todd-AO Adjunct

09/16/63 Boxoffice - New Dimension-150 Shown in Hollywood

12/16/63 - Sharpness of Dimension-150 Image Revealed at Santa Monica Debut 

11/22/65 - 'Push button' All Purpose Projection System Shown By D-150 at Convention

01/30/67 Boxoffice - New 8-Channel System Now in D-150 Package

11/18/68 Boxoffice magazine Ad
12/04/68 Motion Picture Exhibitor ad

Building Clearances

The DIMENSION 150 Story

Around The World

Equipment Package

Photographic and Projection System

Statements by Louis De Rochemont

Surpasses All Expectations

The DIMENSION 150 Process

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